Damodar Paleti

Founder & CEO

Damodar quit his successful career in the field of Information technology with a mission to help farmers. Coming from a humble farming background,he understood the problems faced by the farmers. He realized, the farmers where facing problems with fresh produce such as lack of proper storage and transportation and often farmers were unaware of their product’s market price which resulted is low returns. On the otherside, Consumers were receiving low quality products with high pricing.
Damodar founded Suyoga in 2016 with a vision to create easy to use, viable software products for the perishable produce market which can help both farmers and consumers. His mission to revolutionize the entire supply chain for perishable products using Information Technology. He conceptualized an Agritech product Kisaan2Kitchen, which can track fresh produce from Harvesting at the farm to Delivery to the consumer creating a win- win situation.

Suyoga’s Kisaan2Kitchen platform was launched in January 2017. Presently Suyoga is serving consumers in South Bengaluru. Suyoga has sucessfully connected 560 (small to medium farmers), 53 Channel Partners and 773 Consumers
After the success of Kisaan2Kitchen platform, Suyoga has recently lanched Samuha Organics, a platform for organic produce.
Presently Damodar is tirelessly working towards connecting the local farmers using local transport to the consumer using technology. He envisions providing self-sustenance to the locals by connecting each other.
Education Qualifications and Experience:
Damodar has over 17 years of experience in Information Technology. His prime focus is on Distributed systems, Cloud Computing, Open Source technologies and Bigdata systems. He has worked with many large IT companies like Akamai Technologies, Digital Harbor, eMacmillan etc. Damodar has an Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Gulbarga University.


Subrat Kumar Sandha


Subrat Sandha is Technology Architect of Suyoga. He has been closely involved in the development of Suyoga. Subrat understood Damodar’s passion for agriculture and is supporting with latest technology. He brings with him strong programming,technical knowledge and experience.He is keen to use latest technology for software development.
Subrat joined Team Suyoga as an employee and went on to become CTO. He is supporting Suyoga with latest technology.
Education qualifications and experience:
Subrat has 9+ years of Information Technology experience in product development and banking domain. He has a B-tech degree in Computer Science from BPUT Raurkela also holds an MBA in Information Technology from Punjab technical university.