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Logistic Management

Intelligent Vehicle Transport App equipped with GPS tracking
Calculates and routes the transport in the most economical way using GPS from Source to Destination.

Transportation & Tracking

Suyoga’s intelligent Vahana App uses route optimization tool and reduces operational cost by providing real-time visibility. Auto-assignment of supply side and customer requests to the most suited delivery vehicle. The Vahana app with the field worker provides contextual information, navigation, customer information, digital payment to ensure a smooth delivery..

Supply Chain management

Suyoga manages to supply Vegetables and Fruits from Farmers directly, however we manage to supply Grouceries and other essentials items through other online Kissan2Kitchen model distributers like www.jumbotail.com


Suyoga Products As Service

  • Suyoga is offering each product as a service
  • Suyoga Products can be customized as per the customer’s requirements
  • Transform your supply chain from functional necessity to competitive advantage
  • Our Products can function independently as well as can be integrated into any solution. Our Products have been designed using latest technology
  • Suyoga will work closely with you to transform your business requirements into software products
  • Suyoga products have user friendly interface and are powerful tracking tools for your business.
  • Our SaaS solutions offer the broadest and deepest range of capabilities to modernize your operations across the demand, supply, and product pillars

Suyoga's Products

Suyoga Products as Services

Suyoga Provide Scalable Platform

Suyoga products are 100% customizable according to your business needs....


We will work with you to help determine the best solutions for your business....

Suyoga Provides Reasonable Services

We provide scalable products at economical prices.....