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India is the second largest producer of vegetables and fruits. But our farmers are facing difficulties related to storage and transportation of perishable produce like vegetables and fruits. A significant proportion of the agricultural produce is spoiled before it reaches the market.
The farmer is not only working hard on cultivation but also storage and transportation. Fresh produce has limited shelf life hence needs to reach the market immediately. Storage can be difficult and expensive. Even after making the effort, the farmer is left with limited to no profit.

How Suyoga Can help

Suyoga's Kisaan App addresses the difficulties farmers face after harvest
Farmers can register with Suyoga. When the crop is ready for harvest, the farmer can enter/key in their produce and quantity. Suyoga will pick up the produce directly from the farm and the farmer will recieve the market value from their farm immediately. The farmer gets returns for their hardwork and they can utilise the time to plan for their next crop.
* Farmers can inform Suyoga through the app that the crop is ready to be harvested.
* Farmers can sell their harvest from their farm and recieve their returns.
* Farmers do not need to pay any transportation fees.
* Farmers get better prices for their fruits and vegetables.
* Since farmers sell their produce directly from their farm, they need not go to the market.

Download Kisaan app from play store,register and send your supply details. Pricing and pickup will be confirmed based on pickup availability from your location.

Kisaan App



Often small and mid-size farmers are faced with the problem of transporting their harvest to the market. Transport from farm is not affordable or sometimes not available at the required time. Storage can be difficult and expensive. Shelf life being a constraint, the farmers have to choose the closest available market to sell their harvest which will result in minimal returns.
Suyoga has developed Vahana,an intelligent transport app which will pick up the fresh produce directly from farm and deliver to the consumers. Local transporters can register with Suyoga and provide their services.Farmers can register with Suyoga and avail transport facilities. Vahana is an Intelligent GPS enabled app which will calculate the best possible route for pickup and speedy delivery of fresh produce at an economical price from farmer to customer.

How Suyoga Can help

Suyoga's Vaahana App addresses the difficulties in transporting the fresh produce
Farmer registered with Suyoga will keyin/enter the quantity of harvest the farmer wants to sell. Suyoga will send the harvest pickup information to Vahana. Local transport in that area who is registered with Suyoga will be sent the pickup and drop off itenary.
* Vahana will pick up the harvested fresh produce from farmers.
* Farmers do not need to pay any transportation fees.
* Farmers get better prices for their fruits and vegetables.
* Empower locals to use their vehicles for transport.
* Vahana App will provide the best possible route for speedy delivery of fresh produce.

Vahana App is going to be launched soon



Samarpana App is for Suyoga Channel Partners/Distributors wherein the Partners can enter their requirements and also recieve orders from customers. Registered Suyoga Channel Partners can download the app and place/ recieve orders Call or email us to become Registered Suyoga Channel Partner. Download Samarpana app from play store.

Samarpana App



Sabjee App delivers fresh harvested vegetables and local fruits directly from farm to consumer. Suyoga procures locally grown fruits and vegetables immediately after harvest directly from farms and delivers to your doorstep. Our supply chain model is very efficient. Sabjee app connects the farmers and the consumers.We are using latest technology to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers. Kisaan to Kitchen is our motto.

Unique Features of Suyoga Sabjee

* Fresh harvested vegetables and local fruits delivered directly from Farm to Consumers at affordable prices.
* No cold storage of fruits or vegetables.
* We procure fresh produce only from farms using clean water and no pesticides.
* Suyoga picks the harvested produce directly from farm hence farmers can focus on improving yield and consumers can enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits.
* Now customers can also order Desi Utthana organic products on Suyoga Sabjee app.
Desi Utthana Organics is a Certified organic store which has Organic Groceries, Millets, Sprouted Health Drinks, Natural Health Drinks, Natural Bath Products, Patanjali products,Sri Sri Products and Ayurveda medicines. Download Suyoga Sabjee app from play store to place the order.

Sabjee App