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Agriculture Using Technology - Bridging The Gap

Our founder, Damodar Paleti started Suyoga with a mission to help farmers. Damodar was working as a Big data Architect for more than a decade. His IT career was flying high but he always felt the need to get back to his roots. During his visits to his village, he used to interact with local farmers and understood they were still facing difficulty with storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables. He realized the small and mid-size farmers were struggling to make ends meet even after having good harvest. The problems became clear to him. Damodar decided that technology is the best way to help farmers. Also the youth from the villages were moving out for the want of work. He wanted to build an efficient system that can help the rural ecosystem to thrive.

With this thought Suyoga was started. Suyoga has been derived from the Sanskrit words ‘SU’ meaning good and ‘YOGA’ meaning business. Damodar quit his successful career at the pinnacle to start with a cause close to his heart to create a digital bridge between the farmers and consumers using available local resources. He envisioned “Kisaan2Kitchen” platform as the supply chain model which can connect the small scale farmers using available local transport reaching consumers thus minimizing Agri produce wastage and provide better pricing for both farmers and consumers.

About Suyoga

Suyoga Software Solutions is a Product based IT company developing software products in-house and for customers from last 2 years. Suyoga was launched as an Agri E-Commerce Product based Start Up to connect the Farmers to Customers using latest Technology.

Kisaan2Kitchen Platform–Our End To End Supply Chain Solution For Fresh Produce Market Connects Farmers To Consumers Using Latest Technology. Our Kisaan2Kitchen solutions have been delivering fresh quality produce from farmers to the customers at economical price successfully for the last 2years.

Samuha Organics- After the success of our Kisaan2Kitchen product, Suyoga has launched Samuha Organics as Organic Supply Chain Solution for organic products.

What we do

At Suyoga Software Solutions we are using information technology to revolutionize the entire supply chain model of perishable goods from farmers to consumers. We supply fresh vegetables and fruits directly from local farms to consumers.

Suyoga procures vegetables and fruits (grown locally) from farmers who follow Non Pesticide Management (NPM) in their farms. Since there is no storage involved consumers get fresh produce which is grown in hygienic conditions using fresh water and no pesticides. Suyoga is using information technology to revolutionize the entire supply chain model of perishable goods from farmers to consumers.

The farmers can sell their harvest at better price. By avoiding middle men and storage, the consumer gets fresh produce at an economical price delivered to their doorstep.


Latest News


Samuha Organics Product Launch

Our CEO launched Software platform for Organic fresh produce market during India Manufacturing Show held in Bengaluru


Our Founder Congratulated by Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister awarding a momento to our founder on the Sucess of our Samuha Organics product launch


Our Founder visting NPM Farms

Our Founder personally visiting NPM farms registered with Suyoga regularly to perform quality check.Suyoga partners only with farms following NPM method of farming


Fresh Produce from Farms

Suyoga Procures fresh vegetables and local fruits only from Non-Pesticide Management(NPM) Farms. NPM farms grow vegetables and fruits in fresh water without using pesticides